How Spiritual Entrepreneurs Can Leverage the Law of Attraction for Successful Self Employment

If you’re a spiritual entrepreneur with an active business, or with a business idea you haven’t launched yet, the Law of Attraction can make the difference between struggling to survive and thriving in abundance. My name is Andrea Conway. As a Law of Attraction coach since 2002, I have helped  thousands of spiritual entrepreneurs like you leverage the law of attraction in business.

Quick Law of Attraction Quiz for Entrepreneurs

Does this sound like you:

  • You love your business — or, you used to — but find you’re working way too hard for too little money.
  • You know the Law of Attraction is supposed to answer when you ask — but you just can’t seem to unlock the key to success no matter how often or how sincerely you ask for help from the universe.
  • You’re feeling increasingly frustrated, to the point where you wonder if you can really make self employment work for you.

If you agree with even one of the above statements, I’m glad you’re here. I know how you feel, because I’ve felt those things too, all of them. What turned my life and business around was a thrilling new perspective that every spiritual entrepreneur can attain.

Using specific simple techniques that anyone can master (and that I’ve taught to hundreds of people), I accessed my inner being, or Soul Power.

That’s how I discovered my eternal connection to the one spiritual energy that creates and sustains the universe. An energy that loves me, believes in my success, and will support me whenever I ask.  You can make this connection  too — and I can show you how, starting today.

Once you have this inner connection, you become unstoppable in your business and your life.

My business has given me the freedom and success to enjoy:

  • The excitement and fulfillment of working with wonderful clients in my Law of Attraction coaching and teaching business while I enjoy a 6-figure income
  • Travel to throughout the U.S. and to many other parts of the globe
  • The extra income for investments in real estate and other assets
  • The ability to take a minimum of 5 weeks off and to financially assist organizations I believe in
  • Time to enjoy life with my soul mate of more than ten years ( and thanks to Law of Attraction, I met John after two divorces).

I believe all spiritual entrepreneurs have the inner power to create what we want, including astounding prosperity and the ability to improve the lives of those who need our services. This power  is a natural component of our essence. We already have success inside us. We now need to tap into our divine essence, instead of over-relying on our mind and our actions.

Actions are necessary – but taking action from stress or self-doubt can’t give you the results you desire.

Thought and action are a million times more effective when they’re aligned with your Soul Power.

That inner alignment, once you achieve it, is what makes the Law of Attraction such a powerful ally.

If your self employment isn’t bringing you prosperity and happiness, you’ve come to the right place:

You can make a shift from striving to thriving.

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Spirituality in Business: It Matters

Most small business entrepreneurs feel excited when they start a business. They anticipate more freedom in their personal lives, a fuller expression of their spirituality through the business, and the achievement of greater levels of prosperity.

But they often find it hard to get beyond the struggle, even though they no longer answer to an external boss or a corporation.

They’ve changed their circumstances, but they haven’t changed their “vibration” — the thoughts and feelings that they broadcast to our Law of Attraction-based universe.

They’re still identified with the same old self-doubt and worry. That’s what the Law of Attraction responds to.

But when you learn to identify with your spiritual essence — the one source of spiritual energy — you access an inner security that lifts you above the struggle.  This matters because business is changing now. Old manipulative ways no longer work. More and more customers are carefully choosing the companies they support financially. It really didn’t matter even 20 years ago whether you incorporated spiritual principles in to your business. But today it make a huge difference. If you feel called to create a business based on spiritual principles, today you must have this information about being in harmony with the Law of Attraction.

By integrating spirit into your business  your options are open, and your business thrives. Spirituality can do that, and the Successful Self Employment approach shows you how it’s done.

It’s not uncommon for my clients who rely on spirit to:

  • Rent the perfect office space or even a new family home for far less than they’d budgeted
  • Fill their coaching practice in only two weeks when it had been at a standstill for months
  • Remove an ineffective employee gracefully and quickly replace her with a perfect employee
  • Drop their stress levels – and see their business incomes rise yearly
  • Heal and release long-standing patterns of belief in lack and “I’m not good enough”
  • Create a new business or new focus for an existing business and receive  immediate income
  • Increase their self-confidence, trust in the universe, and expectations of great results (which show up quickly!)

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